We are Emerging Entrepreneur and we are committed to growing the community


We are farmers and we are committed to grow the community by inspiring healthy living hood. Dealwell International from India is a producer, manufacturer and supplier of agro commodities like spices, whole grains, herbs, pulses and other organic agricultural products all over the world.

We play a strategic role of international commodities trader, agent and intermediary in the raw and processed agricultural commodities trading value chain including origination, processing, branding, merchandising and distribution, and so bringing out operational association and cost efficiencies transferring final and abundant benefit to end users.

We influence our network of global relations with agricultural commodities buyers and suppliers to execute all the commodities trades seamlessly with thorough understanding of the tough interdependencies of the global markets and demand supply differences. We carefully appraise risk exposure on the ground, in local markets, where we can identify the real relationship between cause and effect.



We carefully appraise risk exposure on the ground, in local markets, where we can identify the real relationship between cause and effect.

Why us ?

We produce, manufacture and trade in agro commodities worldwide which meets global quality standards ensuring flexible arrangements and are available at competitive and reasonable prices.


To be a global leading exporter and important of in agro commodities with high quality products and services.


We continuously strive and push ourselves to provide a one stop solution for all sorts of agro commodities for wholesalers, retailers all around the World.


Our working principals bound us to work on major and mean factors of business which are integrity, accuracy, quality, honesty, time management and loyalty and to fulfill these principals needs one fundamental requirement i.e. optimistic and proactive approach.

The Workshop

We have efficient and talented team members who have expert knowledge in their respective domains, which helps us arranging things smooth in converting queries to delivery which drives us towards vision of the company. We follow six sigma methodology for quality management in all the departments including field, warehouses, processing units and administration. We are available 365 days and can be contacted by customers around the clock.

What Future Holds

World is moving and reactive in a very quick pace to cope up with the business standards using latest technology and service equipments from generating a product query to delivery of the product to end user. Our future endeavors hold implementation of quick and prompt business solutions via depth knowledge of information and technology which we keep updating always and hence this practice keep us forever new and most authentic channel for agro commodities and all other future products.